I’m back.

I’m back.

Hi, remember me 😬

Sorry it’s been a while. I had a break from writing my regular blog as I felt like I was repeating myself most weeks. The whole being healthy during the week and falling off the wagon at the weekend becomes a little tedious.

I’ve decided to check in with you guys as a couple of people have been asking for the blog to make a comeback (which is really lovely) and I wanted to tell you all about Sweaty Betty Live 🎉

On Saturday, I jumped on a train and headed to that London to attend the Sweaty Betty event. I didn’t have a clue what to expect other than fit people in fit gym gear. The event was over three floors and was on such a larger scale to what I thought it would be. Girls were queuing everywhere! For their classes, for their hair braided, for their nails to be painted, even the queues for the toilets were long.

I took part in a Frame class which was SO much fun. Myself and Anna booked onto the Kylie Butt Lift class because you know, we’ll do anything to prevent a saggy butt and we squatted and hip thrusted our way through all Kylies classics.

There were beauty bars where ladies could get facials or manicures, food stalls serving pretty much anything you can think of that’s plant based and of course a cheeky little 20% off Sweaty Betty gym gear which is really bloody lovely when it is at the higher end of the gym wear market. It was all super healthy and you could tell everyone was there for a good workout with their pals. Of course we managed to find the stall that sold sparkling Rose and so treated ourselves after our workout.

If you follow my instagram you’ll have probably noticed I have been posting about Grenade a lot recently. I’ve just started working with them on their affiliate programme which is perfect as I constantly chomp on their bars and treat myself to their shakes! I genuinely don’t know how they make them so tasty. I’ve been able to try their other products too which are equally as good. I have a super giant tub of strawberry protein which literally tastes like a strawberry milkshake (I might actually mix it with milk one time, I bet it’s even better).

I very rarely use pre workout but on Sunday morning I gave it a go before my deadlift session and it certainly woke me up. It’s not something I’ll use all the time but I now know it’s there for when I need that extra buzz. I may try it when I next bench, that seems to be stuck at the moment which is a little frustrating.

When I opened my Grenade parcel I also received their white chocolate spread! Now if you’ve tried it before you’ll know what I’m on about when I say I’ve had to hide it on my top shelf so I don’t take a spoon to it every time I open the cupboard door. It’s delicious but a little bit naughty.

Monday morning had me craving something sweet after the weekend and so I decided to make protein pancakes for my breakfast. Bev who I train with has her Ignite ebook which is full of healthy recipes and so I had a little look and stole the pancake recipe from her. I did alter it slightly to suit me better and obviously I had to top my pancakes with the white choc cookie spread 💪🏼.

The recipe made 5 pancakes. So you could cut it down if you only want 2 or 3, I shared my breakfast with my mum ☺️.

I used:

20g of oats

Small banana

1 egg

100g egg whites

25g vanilla protein

10g of Dr Zaks powdered peanut butter (I would add more next time to increase the flavour, or you can top your pancakes with a spoonful of peanut butter rather than the chocolate spread)

10g of Grenade white chocolate spread

Macros for this recipe are

Carb – 37g

Fat – 11g

Protein – 48g

438 calories for 5 pancakes.

*there was tea in that mug, I haven’t just put an empty cup there for the picture.*

Mix all the ingredients apart from the chocolate spread in a blender.

Heat your pan and use a teaspoon of coconut oil.

Pour in your mixture, once the pancake is bubbling flip it over. Pancakes should only take about a minute either side. Place on a plate and put in the oven on a low heat to keep it warm whilst you make more pancakes. Repeat until the mixture is gone. You may end up making more pancakes than me, you may make less, it just depends on the amount you pour each time.

Once stacked add your topping! Honey or Nutella would also work 👌🏼

Grenade have given me a discount code for anyone who would like to try their spreads or shakes. Head over to https://www.grenade.com and use code Jazz25 at checkout 😁

Even though I haven’t been blogging about it my training has been consistent. Squats are still my favourite and I’m enjoying my 5×10 rep sessions in some weird way. We’ve been increasing the weight each week by 2.5kg, my legs are absolutely battered by the last 10 reps. I’ll try and follow it with some paused squats at 60kg too just to finish me off good and proper.

I am going to carry on with my blog, though it won’t be a weekly thing anymore. I want to make sure it’s interesting and I’m writing because something fun has happened. I might even write when things are a little bit shitty, so long as I think people will enjoy reading it that’s all that matters. In a couple of weeks time I’ll start my 12 week training programme towards my next competition and will probably want to document it more so watch this space. Sorry again for going MIA.

Thanks J 💌

One thought on “I’m back.

  1. Jazzzzzz!!! I’ve really missed your blog, like hones… as you once said to me it’s your journey write whatever you want and daily life is part of the journey like when I pick my nephews up from school and they want sweets… TEMPTATION!! Anyway my point is you’re blogs are never boring and I like reading day to day stuff but obviously that’s up to you… tamhabks for the blog I really enjoyed it, especially the sweaty Betty convention(?) Look forward to the next one! xxxx


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