Pick yourself back up, you got this.

Pick yourself back up, you got this.

This could not be more fitting for me today. Holiday is officially over!

I know it’s never a good idea to start a diet on a Monday but today is the perfect day to sort my shit out. I hate calling it a diet too, it’s not a diet. I’m just adding more veggies and getting rid of the ice cream and sweets I’ve been indulging in for the last week.

I’m going to track my food properly on My Fitness Pal and really get back into the swing of things. Holidays are bloody lovely but i am craving some sort of normality.

I felt alien to the Village gym today. Gaining a little bit of weight made me really self conscious too which is silly. I felt like everyone who i regularly see was probably saying ‘bloody hell have you seen Jazz, she’s put some pudding on’ when actually they probably didn’t give a hoot and I was just being paranoid. If you can go on holiday and not come back fluffier I think you’re incredible haha.

The moment I started lifting weights though that fear disappeared and it was like I’d never been away. I’m talking like I’ve not lifted a weight in 6 months. It’s been 6 days but it feels like it’s been ages! I got right back into the swing of it and fitted back into the gym environment perfectly. We trained chest and i started off with a comfortable 52.5kg for 5×5 and then loads of accessory work which is my fave I also hit the stair master just to shift this holiday weight a little quicker 😥.

I tried to keep up with training in Tenerife, honestly but that gym was awful and I HATE training on my own. I did try and get Will to come down with me but he was having none of it. So I managed to go a whole 3 times out of 7 days which was not the plan but oh well.

Since being home I’ve started running with my mum in preparation for the Race for Life at Heaton Park on the 15th July. She’s doing so well! Mums been out running early in the morning training towards it and can now easily run 5k, I’m looking forward to the big day! We’ve also been asked to start the race which I’m so chuffed about, getting to do something so memorable with my mum is the best! And I can’t thank CRUK enough for giving us this opportunity! If you have a spare couple of quid knocking about and would like to put it towards a wonderful charity then please sponsor me and my mum, we’d be very grateful.


Thanks, love J 💌

6 thoughts on “Pick yourself back up, you got this.

  1. Good evening jazz I’ve just recently started lifting weights I really enjoy it but my food intake is terrible I’m wondering if you could give me a breakdown of what you eat over a few days please kind regards Christine.


    1. Hey Christine
      I just keep my protein levels high. I use My Fitness Pal to track my meals. Usually have carbs for breakfast so porridge with a scoop of protein and banana so I’m fuelled for training. For lunch and dinner i just try to eat lean meat, so turkey steaks, chicken, tuna, salmon. Make sure I get a lot of veg in, I find stir frying it in sesame oil (only a small amount as it’s quite calorific) chilli and garlic adds flavour. I snack on protein shakes or fruit. Sometimes nuts, but again weigh them out as you can end up eating a lot of calories. Rice cakes with peanut butter are a always a good go to for snacks.
      Hope this helps x


      1. Thank you so much for getting back to me my eatting is so bad well I say bad this morning I had porridge with honey for breakfast made with milk then for dinner salmon with rice then for tea I had lasagne with salad I’m sat here now totally starving???


      2. That all sounds fine, maybe up your veggies. If you have protein then maybe have a protein shake before bed, or rice cakes with peanut butter. If you don’t have anything like that in then just grab some fruit.


  2. Sorry to bother you again jazz are you on my fitness pal I’m trying to log my food intake but can’t get to grips with it kind regards Christine.


    1. Yes, I track all my meals on there. You just click onto diary, add meal and you can usually scan the barcode of whatever it is your eating. Just need to weigh things out and put the correct amount in. Then at the bottom of your diary it will say nutrition and it will show you your carb, protein and fat intake and your nutrients page which shows you a more complex breakdown of everything that’s in your food.


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