How do I beat the bloat?

How do I beat the bloat?

I’ll keep this quick because I am on holiday but I will admit today has been super cloudy which I’m not too bothered about as both myself and Will didn’t have the best reaction to last nights Lobster Paella and so we’ve been playing who can make it to the toilet the quickest. At least we’ve fallen ill on the day with the worst weather. That’s a bonus right? πŸ˜–

We have had the best time so far though, it’s been so long since I’ve been away with Will and I’m enjoying it so much. Having time to relax and switch off is so important and I’ve certainly not done that yet this year.

I am training whilst I’m away, i don’t think I’d be able to actually have a week off from the gym. I love it and with me being such an early bird I’m in and out of the gym before the suns even up so it’s perfect. The gym here isn’t the best, few dumbbells and treadmills etc but no squat rack or bench so I’m just having to work with what I’ve got. I’m just focusing on getting sweaty rather than sticking to any specific plan. Tried my best to train chest on Saturday morning, not going to lie I absolutely had to wing it. Even people who sort of know what they’re doing in a gym haven’t a bloody clue sometimes. Decided to try and get some running in whilst I’m here in prep for the Race for Life at Heaton Park too.

As you can see, the gym is very bare. Not like the photos on the website may I add πŸ˜’.

The two piece is from Primark! They’ve got some really cute gym gear at the moment ladies πŸ’πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Please don’t think I’m here being all healthy though, I’m a normal girl on her jollies, drinking Sangria by 10am and having crisps for breakfast I just want to keep up with the gym so I don’t feel disgusting when I get back. I’m in the swing of it and I know how easily I fall off the wagon.

One thing I’m really struggling with out here is how bloated I am. Not just my belly either, I feel like my whole body has swollen. I know that sounds dramatic but my face is definitely puffier, I can tell when I take pictures. I know the alcohol and snacks will have something to do with it πŸ™ˆ but even of a morning I’m waking up and my stomach looks like I’m 4 months pregnant, it’s rock hard too and it’s really uncomfortable. Any girls suffer with this? Let me know what you do to get rid please. I’m drinking plenty of water and keeping up with my green tea to try and sort it but it doesn’t seem to be working. There’s got to be some sort of tablets I can take…

Love J πŸ’Œ

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