The highs and the lows.

The highs and the lows.

What a week, if it wasn’t for the Soap Awards this weekend I know I would have had some serious blues from last weeks competition. After being so buzzed on Saturday and throughout the bank holiday I know I would have come crashing back to earth if I hadn’t have had something to focus on.

That’s the scary part of being a jobbing actor, some days I can’t find the time to fit everything in, other days I take myself back to bed in the afternoon just to make the day go a bit quicker. After the All England’s I know I would have had a what now moment but luckily I had the Soap Awards to throw myself into.

Every year I forget how much prep goes into this night and I end up running around making last minute appointments and ordering next day delivery because I always think I’ve got plenty of time.

I had the fabulous Heather (@jacksonsfashion) make my sequin trousers which I LOVED. I totally took myself out of my comfort zone with my outfit this year and I actually felt quite confident in my clothes and in my body which is something I very rarely say.

Having the competition a week before the awards meant I had my fittings whilst on my weight cut which obviously meant I had to keep my weight down afterwards and I did it! I stuck around 54kg which is an achievement for meπŸ™ˆ Anyone who knows me is aware that after a competition I usually balloon straight back to 56/57kg and feel sluggish. Well not this time, I’ve vowed to myself to stick with it too now. I’m so much happier!

Training for me last week was tough. I’m trying out higher reps with lower weights and in my head I’m expecting it to be a doddle (especially 5×5 @ 95kg on my squats) yet I’m sat there huffing and puffing after each set, sweating. I’m enjoying having a bit of time to experiment with new things though, I really enjoy doing more accessory work based around each lift. Tried banded deadlifts for the first time last week, that really activates you’re glutes doesn’t it!

I even got a nice little session in at the hotel on Saturday with Maj and Rory. Once again training in a totally different way to what I’m used to and I enjoyed it. My triceps hate me for it now like but getting that workout in before a heavy night of alcohol makes me feel so much better.

Don’t worry I’m cringing at this picture as much as you 🀣.

My diet throughout the week was spot on (bank holiday Monday doesn’t count, obvs) and to be fair the only day I pigged out this week was Sunday as I had my stomach out on Saturday night so didn’t want to walk down the red carpet with a little pot belly 🐷. I devoured a Lindt chocolate Easter bunny Sunday afternoon and it was great. That’s the last of my Easter chocolate gone now too so at least there’s nothing in the cupboards tempting me any more.

I have a holiday coming up in two weeks which I would love to stay in shape for. I think having goals definitely help me stay on track. So this mornings breakfast was My Proteins maple syrup pancake mix, made with almond milk. I added a banana and some Whole Earth peanut butter just to give it a bit more flavour.

P- 32.7g

F- 15.3g

C- 26.4g

Perfect start to the day, especially before I walked the dog and trained with Danny this afternoon.

Let me know if there’s anything in particular you would like me to write about in my blog. I do love hearing feedback and try to answer as many questions as possible.

Thanks for reading 🀩

Love J πŸ’Œ

2 thoughts on “The highs and the lows.

    1. Hey Suzy,
      I train at the village gym in Bury at the moment. It has all the equipment needed to start strength training. My trainer will hopefully will have a specific powerlifting club up and running before the summers out x


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