Strap yourselves in, it’s a long one. πŸ‘€

Strap yourselves in, it’s a long one. πŸ‘€

It’s Monday but I started writing my blog on Friday, whilst getting that last bit of cardio in before weigh in on Saturday morning. I wanted my blog to be a true reflection of my moods so I’m going to talk you through the weekend as it happened. Exactly what I’m feeling at each point. Strap yourselves in, it’s a long one.

Friday 25th May 8:30am

I’m on the treadmill, hood up, green tea by my side. My mums next to me, training for our 5k. She’s smashing it! Me on the other hand went into panic mode and didn’t eat anywhere near enough calories the past couple of days so now my body has gone into some sort of shock and isn’t dropping weight. On Thursday I weighed 53.6kg this morning I weighed 53.6kg πŸ™ƒ. I came on my period this morning too so water retention is a thing right now and I’m not going to lie I’m shitting it!

I’ve water loaded this week, 7/8 litres on Tuesday and Wednesday, halved that on Thursday and today I’ll have about a litre and a half. Having to go in the sauna this evening is soul destroying. I thought I had it. So right at this moment I feel deflated and scared. I’ll check in this evening, see where I’m at. Friday 25th May you’re going to be a graft!

Friday 25th May 21:30pm

Currently in a super hot Epsom salt bath just to sweat that little bit more, relax with my book and hopefully release some of the water retention caused by being a fabulous woman on her period.

We’ve worked out that I lose roughly 1.5kg over the course of each night. That’s by weighing myself before bed and weighing myself first thing.

I went into the sauna sitting at 54.1kg so that perked my mood up entirely. Couple of 20 min intervals in the sauna, nil by mouth until weigh in. I reckon I can do this. My mood is A LOT happier than this morning. I made sure I spent the day doing fun things. Watched a film with my parents, went and bought treats for after weigh in. Had to order Gatorade on Amazon Prime because no supermarket around me sells it! Have my coconut water at the ready to rehydrate. I hate the stuff but you don’t understand how excited I am to get my mouth around that litre carton!

I’m reckoning if I go to bed around 53.2kg I’ve got this. Will check in in the morning! Sending so much positivity out for tomorrow! Happy thoughts and all that!

P.s had to take a picture in the gym before the sauna.

I will not look like this by this time tomorrow and that is absolutely fine by me!

Also please don’t copy what I’m doing. I’ll have put at least 3kg on by the end of the week just by getting into a natural routine and enjoying myself! Water cuts and dehydration is not big and it’s not clever but it works for what I do and I have someone who knows what they’re doing monitoring me! The weight cut doesn’t last! Not even 24 hours so don’t go trying it for your hol or whatever! Slow and steady wins the race with that one I’m afraid.

Friday 25th May 22:30pm

Current situation. Little red faced but I’m as snug as a bug in a rug & still bloody sweating. Had the energy to wash my hair this time which is a Brucey bonus. Actually smell fresh the night before a competition 🀣. See you in the morning.

Saturday 26th 4:30am (comp day)

I’m up this early as I’m meeting Danny at 5 at the Village hotel, he’s driving the 3 hours to Northampton πŸ™ŒπŸΌ. I didn’t sleep the best. I genuinely think I was too excited. I had the kind of sleep you have the night before you go on holiday, or Christmas Eve. I’m in no way excited for today like I would be Christmas Day HA, I have too bad a headache for that but I am giddy to see if I’ve smashed this weight cut!

I’ve weighed myself on my scales at home (sorry Danny) I’m not going to write what they say because they are constantly wrong and usually cause me a lot of trouble when I’m cutting but I can kind of guess how out they are and I’m a very happy lady!

Saturday 26th May 5:40am

We’re on the road after weighing in for the final time at the Village.

It’s that pesky 200g again. Currently sat with the worlds driest mouth in Danny’s car with the heated seats on full. My back and arse are on fire but a girls got to do what a girls got to do.

Saturday 26th May 9:30am

The face of someone who’s made weight! 51.5kg I’m in the game guys.

Saturday 26th May 13:50pm

1st place and feeling on top of the world. Bumpy start with squats, nowhere near what I know I can do but the nerves always get the better of me. Need to keep competing to try and combat those first lift jitters.

Battled out on the deadlifts with the babe that is Natalie Banks! So chuffed to share the podium with another NW Powerlifter!

Im excited to be involved in such an empowering sport. To all the strong women that competed this weekend, I think you’re all mega. What a day! Each and everyone one of you support one another and it’s fab to see. Lifting each other up and just generally being boss bitches! To the girls I literally know through Instagram who come and say hey and give advice you’re mint!

Can you tell I’m in a good mood! I love this feeling! I want to bottle it up.

Will you’re my 🌎 You venture all over the country at weekends following me and my little powerlifting journey even though you drive around the country for a living and it’s probably the last thing you want to do. It doesn’t go unnoticed. Having your support even when I’m being a miserable bitch means the most!

And of course Danny bloody Potter! Who without fail scrapes me up off the floor, puts me back together and sends me back onto the platform! You believe in me more than I believe in myself. You give up so much time to make sure I’m still chasing my goals and I’m so grateful and so lucky to have you knocking about. Best coach EVER! Team Little Legs forever.

He looks sad on this picture because his battery died whilst videoing me on the podium πŸ€£πŸ™ˆ.

Sunday 27th May 6am

Lay in bed, still thinking about yesterday and how I scraped that win by the skin of my teeth.

Yes I won, and I’m buzzing still but actually looking at my numbers it wasn’t my best performance. I was 16kg away from my best total! That’s quite a lot. And I got 5 lifts out of 9 🀨. My squats were a shambles and they’re my fave! There’s things I really need to work on. Getting my head in the bloody game is one of them! I need to walk out to all my lifts like I did that last deadlift. I’ve never ever felt like that before, I can’t even explain it to you. I felt like my life depended on lifting that bar and after failing 125kg on my second attempt I could easily have put another 10kg on there and it would have flown up I was that hyped!Danny gave me the biggest kick up the arse I’ve EVER had and I now know where I need to be. I always think I’m ready before a lift! I’m not. I’m nowhere near it. So that was my biggest lesson of all yesterday.

I’m good at this. I could be very good at this if I sort my head out. I am always eager to learn and I love going to competitions and meeting new people who also love to lift. Competitions give me such a buzz, I’m already looking for when the next one it 🀣.

But for now it’s time to be Jazmine Franks the actress and have a week of pure Soap Awards prep! Looking forward to heading to London on Friday to represent Hollyoaks one last time. I get to see all my pals, have a good catch up and celebrate being English Champion.

Life is good!

Love J πŸ’Œ

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