Now there mardy bum.

Now there mardy bum.

We’ve made it.

One week out from the All Englands, well actually it’s 5 days away which is kind of scary.

I’m so nervous to write anything positive because whenever I do write that I feel ready or strong or good about the situation it all goes tits up. So I’m just going to say I’m looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to that lovely, early morning drive to Northampton on Saturday having not slept a wink because I’m shitting it.

It’s all over so quick too, all this prep for 9 lifts. One morning of work. I’m already Trip Advisoring the best pubs in the area for once I’m done 😏.

I’m looking forward to a nice cinema trip on Friday, mainly to buy my pick and mix for after weigh in but also to just chill in a dark room where I don’t speak to anyone. I know that that’s what I’m going to want to do the last few days of this week 🀣. Will’s over the moon he works away HA! What’s good at the cinema at the moment, I’m not a super hero fan btw?

I’d say the week before competitions is certainly the hardest weeks of my life (I know dramatic but I’m an actress what do you expect). I feel powerless to do anything, I can’t become stronger in this last week, all that hard graft is already done and dare I say my last heavy deadlift session seemed to run smoothly. That lift in itself is an absolute head mess! This week I have to focus solely on keeping my weight down (with the help of a water cut) but yet try and get as much rest as possible to make sure I’m fresh for Saturday. We get to do all my openers in the middle of the week and I look forward to that.

I really struggle with keeping out of the gym, I just want to get in there and train and I can’t which then makes me aggy. Honestly I’m not the best person to be around this week, wish my parents luck.

I feel like even this post is bloody miserable. Sorry. Hopefully next Monday’s is a lot happier.

What I have been enjoying this week is making different meals. Prepping has been quite different this time round and I’ve realised that just because I’m cutting my food doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

I’ve been eating so much more seafood. Crayfish, salmon, tuna, crab meat. Mixing it up with chilli and lime or sesame seeds and a teaspoon of balsamic. I think the weather being so lovely has helped me too, salads are so much more enjoyable when you can sit in the garden. Oh the joys of being unemployed.

Hopefully I haven’t bored you with with my miserable tone but I want my blog to reflect how I’m feeling so when I look back I can remind myself that yes it was tough but I bloody did it.

Well I hope I do😬

Love J πŸ’Œ

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