I competed and I didn’t die 💪🏼

I competed and I didn’t die 💪🏼

Some weeks I struggle with what to write about on here and then others I’ve got so much to say I’m scared I’m going to end up boring you all!

Firstly, tonight is the night Esther departs Hollyoaks. The feedback I’ve already received from the guys that watched the E4 ep on Friday has been insane! The supportive tweets and Instagram comments have been heart warming. I’m so sad to leave but so ready for new adventures. Tune in at 6:30pm Channel 4 😁

So here we bloody go! I did a competition and I didn’t die! I took part in the NW champs on Sunday and fell in love with powerlifting again. I guested in the 57kg category which took so much stress away from the day. I just want to say thank you to Kim for being so accommodating with this!

Squats! I ❤️ squats! I put 5kg on my last comp PB and now looking back at videos know I have 120kg in me. Focusing on them more in the gym has done wonders for my confidence and getting three white lights on my first lift (that’s never happened before) put me in a wonderful mood.

Bench is a babe too. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I should have opened with 60kg not 57.5kg but I played it safe and left with all three bench attempts. Hitting a comp PB of 62.5kg, I was a very happy bunny…

Until the deadlifts. Mateeeeee deadlifts can suck a fat one (sorry mum). Here comes my excuse for why they were an utter shit show. I attempted sumo about 5 months ago and strained my hip so went back to conventional and have basically put myself back a year in training. I feel like I’m at square one with them. I know I’m already really negative towards them so that probably didn’t help but we’ve decided that I’m going to spend the next 4 weeks focusing on deadlifts! The joys 🙄.

I totalled 297.5kg on Sunday at a body weight of 55.6kg! Nowhere near my best but hey I made it onto the bloody platform and that in itself is an achievement! If I hadn’t have missed the deadline to change my weight category I would have come 1st as well so that’s something to take away from the day. Sunday was about experiencing the highs and lows of a competition again and I certainly did that. My body is battered right now ☠️.

I just want to say thank you to NW powerlifting for always hosting fantastic comps! The graft that goes in to putting these days/weekends on does not go unnoticed and I know everyone volunteers so much of their time so thanks! 💪🏼❤️

Thanks to Bev and Will for being my cheerleaders always and finally Danny Potter for being the be(a)st coach about. He puts up with my temper tantrums on the regular and for that he deserves a medal. He’s also given up so much time to focus on me whilst training for the Bench Press championships in Finland himself and for that I’m truly bloody grateful. My coach is going to lift for GB how about that then! 🇬🇧

Finally onto Mindful Chef. Last week I had the opportunity to try Mindful Chef which was perfect for me to keep my weight down. Now I enjoy cooking but i usually only do it when I’m making chillis or curries for 4 or more people or if I’m prepping food in batches. I would never bother to cook one meal for myself I’d just throw an omelette together or have poached eggs but OH MY have I been missing out! Mindful Chef send you the ingredients needed to make the most incredible meals and I literally felt like Gordon Ramsey. I’ve had my eyes opened to spices I never would have used and food I never ever would have tasted. Their West African chicken, peanut and coriander stew is up there with one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever had! And I cooked it all by myself!I was so proud on Wednesday night, proper chuffed with myself and I’ve already planned to make it again for the girls one evening!

I also made Charmoula Cod with Turmeric & spinach rice and a black olive and tomato salsa. Now normally I’m not an Olive fan, I try my best to eat them, I know they’re good for me but I just can’t bring myself to like them. Until now! The Mindful Chef recipe had me mix them with peppers, parsley, squeeze of lemon and it totally changed the flavour!! I actually enjoyed it. I felt like I’d really grown up because I’d eaten olives! Watch out, I’ll be drinking coffee next. Then that really means I’m an adult.

Then on Friday i made ginger and lime kebabs with a mango salad. I didn’t know what to think at first but I mixed the mango, sugar snap peas and chilli with sesame oil and lime juice like the recipe told me to do and it was perfect. The sesame oil took the sweetness of the mango away and so the salad really worked with the beef. Cooking fresh food and trying fresh flavours has been fun! Their options are endless too and they cater for everyone! I’ll definitely be using them again. Check out mindfulchef.com 👌🏼

All in all I’ve had a lovely week and the stress free run up to my competition has meant I’ve got the bug again. I feel really healthy and happy at the moment and in the end that’s all that matters! Right?

Love J 💌

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