Sweaty Betty 🇬🇧

Sweaty Betty 🇬🇧

Happy Monday guys ❤️

I’ve had the most amazing weekend! I attended Ross and Phil’s wedding in Clitheroe and it couldn’t have been any more perfect. I danced until my feet swelled like Kim Ks when she was pregnant. Everything about the day was just WOW! I bloody love weddings, especially when you get to see two of your good friends walk down the aisle 😍😆. Can we do it again next weekend please 🙏🏼.

Gutted I had to miss the Sweaty Betty Olympics in London on Sunday though, it looked like such a fab event and from the pictures on Instagram the girls looked like they had the best time. So instead I donned my Union Jack SB gear and set to the gym myself, it made me feel better for missing out on it. The gym always makes me feel better, the weather helped too 🌤 and the fact that the quality of Sweaty Betty gym wear is up there with the best around just made my Sunday session all that bit more perfect. Training this week has been a mixture of emotions. I don’t want to jinx it but my deadlift seems to be going well 💃🏼. I finally got my gym PB of 127.5kg which is still a way off my comp PB but I can never seem to concentrate in the gym when I’m deadlifting. I’m a talker. And I’m always getting distracted, I’ll never attempt to deadlift at peak times, too many people knocking about. But I finally did it and I was so happy, fingers crossed that this is a turning point, I’m definitely feeling more positive towards it anyway.

My bench this week was MEH. It just felt really bloody heavy. I’d had a weekend off up in Scotland so hadn’t seen Danny (my PT) in about 6 days and was feeling a little demotivated. I was even talking about bailing on the competition 😱, don’t worry he soon sorted my head out, but I was in a totally different headspace than what I normally am and so I think it showed in my bench, which then left me feeling even more shitty. Tuesday wasn’t a good day. I’m not good with not doing what I’m supposed to do in my plan either. Makes me feel like I’ve failed. I just need to keep reminding myself that everyone has bad days, it’s normal.

I also had to miss the friendly competition the guys at Adlington Barbell had set up this Sunday. It would have been good to get into all my powerlifting gear and get back on the platform seen as though the last time I made it was June 😑. Instead I did a lovely shoulder workout on my own, headphones on and really got into it. I enjoy working my shoulders, it’s probably the one session where I get a proper sweat on and can feel a burn. I’m mostly low reps high numbers so to be doing 10/12 reps I can really feel it. I ended the week on a high. Just under three weeks until competition and I feel like I’ve done a full 360 from last weekend, mad what a pep talk and positive attitude can do.

Finally I’ve been trying Huel, which I found out about when I was looking for plant based protein shakes. They’re not a protein shake but are actually a meal replacement and I’ve been giving them a go this past week whilst I’m keeping my weight down for the competition. I’m not usually big on meal replacements, I’m a foodie and I enjoy eating and chewing and tasting different flavours but I can honestly say it’s done the trick. I’ve only replaced my breakfast with a shake as I know there is no way I could get rid of two meals a day but it keeps me full and is quite enjoyable. I’ve only been blending 1 and a half scoops of Huel with a banana and water for after my fasted cardio. The powder comes with a starter booklet so gives you plenty of ideas to mix up the flavours so it doesn’t become boring and also tells you how many calories are in your scoops so if your trying to maintain or even gain weight it’s easy to work out how much you need. I’m obviously keeping mine low so my one and a half scoops with my banana (which just gives it an extra kick with flavour) is around 320 calories which is perfect for me and gives me a nice amount of carbs to set me up for the day and helps me with the rest of my cut!

I feel really positive at the moment and I feel like I should probably apologise for my blog posts these past few weeks, they’ve been very whiny and same old (I was told off for writing the same shit over and over) and so this week I made sure I actively changed that!

Thanks so much for reading, please feel free to leave comments. I love hearing feedback.Love J 💌

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