Cardio Queen πŸ‘‘

Cardio Queen πŸ‘‘

Hope you’ve all had a lovely bank holiday weekend and indulged in that many Easter eggs you went to bed feeling sick.

Is it just me or did people seem to make more of a fuss about Easter this year than normal? I felt like kids were getting actual toys as well as eggs and more and more people were wishing me Happy Easter. I’ve never really celebrated it, I just normally love the bank holiday it gives us. This is the first time I’ve been in this country for Easter weekend for a while (and then I was up in Scotland).

I received a Harry Potter sorting hat Easter egg from Slatterys (I know) it’s amazing! My parents didn’t buy me an egg as I still had chocolate left over from Christmas πŸ™„ so yesterday I ate a Thornton’s chocolate Santa instead 😊. I bet you can guess I’m still sitting at 58kg this morning, can’t you.

With travelling up to Scotland early hours of Thursday morning and spending Wednesday in London at the Wilkinson Sword new FAB razor launch I’ve had zero time to get into the gym which has actually stressed me out a bit. I love going to the gym and woke up this morning excited to get back to some form of normality. I had to squeeze my heavy bench, deadlifts and squat sessions into three days, now normally I would never train all these so close together, rest days are really important but desperate times!

My deadlifts moved well. I was training on my own so end up finding myself in my own little world and so the less I think about what I’m lifting the easier it becomes. I moved 122.5kg for a double which 4 months ago was such a struggle so fingers crossed I’ve got over my fear. I know the deadlift is my weakest lift and it’s something I need to focus on the most for a little while. Like I did with my squats and now look at them!

This weeks squats went 105kgx3 (was supposed to be 110 but we loaded the bar wrong) so then I had a little panic that i wouldn’t be able to do 110kg because 105kg felt pretty heavy but you know what it moved and it was only the last rep I had a little fight with. Then 95kg for 5×3 followed by paused squats at 60kg 2×10 which feel like they take forever! I’m so pleased with my squats. 110kg is my comp max at the moment so to be consistently repping it shows my progress.

With me not then being able to get into the gym for 4 whole days 😱 I decided to try a bit of running up in Scotland! The views up there are just stunning and I was out for 7:30 each morning so it was so so peaceful! Friday morning I managed to run 4K which for my first time running in well over a year I was pretty chuffed with. I’ve signed up to do the Race for Life with my mum in July so I suppose I can see it as a bit of training for that. I did the 4K in 37 minutes which I know isn’t the quickest but any little niggle I felt in my ankle or my knee panicked me as I obviously don’t want to injure myself so I took it nice and slow and enjoyed the view.

So long as you’re getting a sweat on that’s all that matters!

The Saturday morning I did the same 4K but this time felt a little bit more confident so managed to do it in 33 minutes. I was happy that in just two days I’d progressed and I actually feel like I could run the Race for Life quite easily. Now it’s time to get my mum in training.

Today I had a light deadlift and squat session just to get me back into the swing of things, felt like a cardio session if I’m honest I got a decent sweat on but I could really feel my lower back. Not when I was doing the exercises but more in my rest periods and it was more of a dull ache rather than a pain. I’m guessing this is from the jogging, so I’m going to have to make sure I stretch off properly. Foam roller here I come.

Also I feel like I’m doing so much cardio at the moment πŸ™ˆ. Maybe I am turning back into cardio queen.

We’re four weeks out from the GM championships. I’m obviously starting to second guess myself with the whole weight situation again. On one hand I’m slightly pissed off I’ve allowed myself to get like this again but then on the other I don’t regret anything because I’ve had a lovely time. Having that pressure to keep your weight down is really quite annoying. It’s always in the back of your mind when you’re out having fun. Not that I listen to it but it’s there. Fingers crossed we have a good report next Monday.

Love J πŸ’Œ

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