We’re just under 5 weeks out from the greater Manchester championships and on Friday I weighed 56.4kg which for me so far away from a comp is brilliant, I’m normally sitting at 56kg two weeks before so you can imagine how happy I was.

Yeah, that didn’t last for long. Once again the weekend’s ruined it and I’m gutted with myself. I had afternoon tea with my mum and auntie Jackie on Friday then went to London Saturday for my friends birthday. I promise I had every intention of eating healthy and keeping up the hard work but once I’ve had a bit of sugar or a drink it’s like I’m a different person and I go into ‘f*ck it’ mode and do the whole ‘you only live once’ thing and enjoy every last cocktail and every last bag of crisps (and let me tell you Anna Shaffer had SO MANY crisps at her party). I weighed myself again Monday morning and I’m back at 58kg. Honestly if there was a book about yo-yo dieters it would have a picture of me on the front. Livid with myself. So it’s back to the grind. LOL how many times have I wrote that.

Training has been going really well though and I’m actually enjoying doing a bit more cardio. I went to a HIIT class last Thursday (I know, I know) at V1be which is a new gym that’s opened up in Manchester. The atmosphere in there was mint and we worked out whilst DJ Sarah Giggle played drum n bass which was really cool, I proper got into it. Nearly died like but it was good to push myself to the max. The gym is underground which gives it a gritty feel and with the neon lights and top equipment the whole place looks brilliant, if you’re knocking about in Manchester you should check them out. I’ll definitely be going back.

Im obviously all about strength training though, don’t worry I’m not going to start running marathons and become cardio queen but it’s good to know I can still do a bit of high intensity training and not die 👌🏼. It probably really bloody helped me reach 56.4kg the next morning too 😂.

Back to my powerlifting and my bench is starting to get heavy. It was definitely my favourite lift at one point because I found it the easiest, but now my numbers are increasing more and more it’s actually a graft and you know me I’d prefer it if things were a doddle.

57.5kg for 5×3 today took it out of me. Less than a year ago this was my comp max so it’s good to see how well I’ve progressed. Today has definitely been my first bench session in a while where I’ve felt like I’ve had to really push myself. I’ve moved up to 12.5kg on my chest flies too and I really had to concentrate with them. Shits getting serious.

My squats are still the love of my powerlifting life and I really look forward to training when I know it’s leg day. Once over I used to hate how my quads were growing and now it’s possibly one of the things I’m most proud of. I love having strong legs. I’m so glad thick thighs are in at the moment not that I’d give a shit if they weren’t but remember when everyone wanted a thigh gap 😐 I’ve not had a thigh gap since I was in the womb.

Deadlifts are deadlifts and they’re moving in the right direction so that’s all I have to say about that. Maybe next week I’ll write something nice about them.

Finally I had the most lovely parcel arrive in the post this morning from Sweaty Betty! Made my Monday a little bit better. I’m obsessed with their gear but I only ever buy it as a treat as I know it’s a proper splurge to spend so much on gym wear (you do pay for what you get though). How amazing is their new Union Jack set which they’ve brought out to celebrate their 20th Birthday!

I can’t wait to train in it!!

Love J💌

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