Back to it.

Back to it.

I wasn’t going to carry on with my blog, I didn’t really see the point seen as though we’ve passed the reason of why I started it. But if I’m honest, I think I’ll be a bit lost without it. I really enjoy checking in, it’s like a diary that’s in no way private and also like a self help manual so I can look back and remind myself of how I felt at certain points and where I was training wise.

After last Saturdays performance, or should we say lack of, I jumped right back on the horse and squatted Sunday morning. Normally after a competition we would have a weeks rest but 1) I didn’t compete LOL and 2) I really enjoy getting in that gym and working towards something. I’m not going to lay off on the graft when my numbers have been so good.

My diet has been a downward spiral. Ive not stopped eating. My weights back around 57kg πŸ™„ Might even be more after this weekend πŸ™ˆ We’ve been in Wales (not even the beast from the east will stop me enjoying myself) so I’ve not held back at all. I have to keep reminding myself of how good I felt when I was sitting at 55kg but sometimes cake wins! And crisps & dips , sweets and chocolate. Oh I’ve had a great time but now it’s back to it. I need to make sure I keep up my strength at a lower body weight so the next two weeks will be me sorting my shit out.

The NW opened the applications for their next competition and so I thought what better way to prove to myself that I can do this than to get right back on the platform. Wouldn’t it be bloody wonderful if I made weight πŸ˜‚.

Also I just want to say thank you to the guys that have wrote to me since the British. You’ve all motivated me to do better and proved to me the right decision was made last weekend.

Here’s to doing it all again πŸ™ˆπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

One thought on “Back to it.

  1. Hi Jaz have you tried Herbalife protein shakes and recovery drinks to take after exercise? I really believe in the products and I’ve lost 6 stone in the past 18 months ! Just eating clean and reduced my portion sizes.


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