The calm before the storm…

The calm before the storm…

Hope you’ve all had a fab week! I tried to enjoy last week as much as possible as this coming week is going to be tough. There’s nothing more I can really do in prep for Saturdays competition other than be really bloody positive. My numbers are where I want them to be and mentally I feel like I’m in the best place possible, what’s 5 more days when you’ve been grafting since January 1st!

It’s my birthday tomorrow too, though it’s postponed until Saturday evening, where I’m going to enjoy a pint of gin and a whole birthday cake to myself 🤪.

I refused to miss pancake day even though I’m cutting weight so bought My Proteins maple syrup pancake mix! I know protein pancakes don’t taste as yummy as normal pancakes and I couldn’t cover it in Nutella and honey and all the good things but if I’m honest I really enjoyed it. I just had one pancake and mashed a banana on top. It was still quite sweet and it didn’t fall apart, all in all I had a very successful shrove Tuesday.

Maybe next year I’ll be able to eat 5 with whatever topping I want!

Then came Valentine’s Day. Now I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day, the miserable person inside me just doesn’t see the point in it. We should appreciate our other halves every single day, not just on this made up day so the shops can make a killing. Anyway my partner works away mid week so the only date I had was with the dreaded deadlift. Now I don’t know if it was in a loving mood or what but guess what guys


The bar actually moved further than my knee! I honestly couldn’t be happier. It was just the boost of confidence I needed now we’re only one week out from the competition.

My main focus this past week has been my weight obviously. On Tuesday I weighed in at 56.4kg and this morning weighed in at 55.7kg. I’ve been power walking on that treadmill like a mad woman. I’m probably going to have to shift a bit in the sauna the night before still but at least I’m in a far better position now than what I was the week before the North West Champs. Can I just write here that I don’t advise anyone to sit in a sauna to cut weight, I do it with someone who knows what they’re doing and I’ve followed a plan. Please don’t go thinking this is how you lose weight! I know I will be back weighing 55/56kg Saturday evening. It’s not big and it’s not clever.

This weekend I travelled down to good old Portsmouth again to watch Danny compete in the British Benchpress Championships.

I love the atmosphere at National comps, everyone is really lovely and you always find yourself screaming at other lifters to do well. The crowds are always a little bigger than at regional competitions so when someone is grinding out a lift the crowd really get behind them. I’m looking forward to the NW hosting the women’s British, I know how much of a good show they will put on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still shitting my pants but I think that it’s going to be a really good day!

Just think, this time next week you’ll be reading about how the competition went (that’s if I don’t pour it all over Instagram first) and fingers crossed it’s a good review.

So here’s to a week of boring foods and hard graft.

Wish me luck. My first British champs, I’m coming for you.

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