Two weeks out 😶

Two weeks out 😶

I feel like time is moving SO quickly. We’re 12 days out from the British and to say I’m nervous would be an understatement. My training has been spot on though, and apart from a couple of blips with my deadlift I’d say I’m feeling the strongest I’ve ever been. I think the nerves are purely because it’s the British championships and I’m going to be surrounded by the women I follow on social media and look up to as lifters.

I promise I tried to walk into the gym in a positive mood on the day of the dreaded deadlift but honestly my head just falls off when any tough weight is on the bar. I’m scared that I’m making it worse for myself by being so negative and I definitely don’t want to lose my shit when we get to comp. I know it’s a totally different atmosphere there and hopefully I’ll have done well in my squat and bench so i’ll go into deadlifts a happy lady.

We focused on singles this week and 120kg moved relatively easily, I don’t know why I get so hung up about it because deep down I know I can do it. I feel like I’m constantly writing the same thing about it too so I’m sorry if it’s boring you, I’m boring myself but when it finally clicks and I can write something positive about it you’ll all be right there with me!

My diets been pretty decent also. I have something wonderful to share with you. Holland and Barrett (my new favourite shop) sells Mungbean and Edamame fettuccine and I’ve been using it as an alternative to pasta.

It has 21g of protein in a 50g portion and just 5.5g of carbohydrate! I can’t get enough of the stuff. I mix it with a tin of Tesco’s tuna in a tomato and herb dressing maybe add another tin of plain tuna just to up my protein and then add whatever green veg I can find in the fridge, usually sprouts, asparagus or spinach. Now I would normally add a small amount of grated cheese but since my intolerance test the cheese is no more!

If you read my last post about my eczema you will know that I’m now dairy intolerant and it’s caused quite a change in my diet. I’m looking more at labels when I’m shopping and the free from aisle in the supermarket is my new fave spot. The only dairy I’m allowing myself is my protein (only because I have such a large amount to finish) and then I’ll probably try a vegan protein. I’m still going strong with the mixed berry protein from Zaggora but it’s quite a small bag so it won’t last me much longer. Also I gave Vieve protein water a whirl this week and it was really refreshing! is where you can find it and I believe they have a very good sale on at the moment if you fancy trying it for yourself. The only fluids I’m drinking at the moment are water and green tea so this was a really nice change.

The drink does contain milk (it blew my mind) but like I said I will allow myself the smallest amount. Just by cutting down in this short space of time my eczema is already disappearing so I’m onto a winner.

My squats and bench are still playing fair. I feel pretty confident in both these lifts. Being able to bench 60kg for reps is still a massive achievement for me, if you’d have seen the struggle we had getting past 57.5kg you’d understand. I suppose one day things just clicked. Hard work pays off!

I’m sitting around the low end of 56kg which to be pretty honest is not where I wanted to be. I was hoping to be around 55kg maybe even 54kg but hey ho, it’s my own fault. More work for me these last two weeks. The biggest test is going to be my birthday. It’s on the 20th Feb and if you know me at all you’ll know that I usually celebrate my birthday all month. Not this year. Turning 26 is going to be memorable for the pure fact I’m probably going to be water loading and there won’t be a cake in sight. I’ll make up for it though, don’t you worry.

Thanks again for reading.

Love J 💌

2 thoughts on “Two weeks out 😶

  1. Hi jazz.
    I’ve been there with the deadlift. In my head I’m lifting the weight I’ve always done and I’ve got my trainer to put the weight on without me knowing wat it was or to tell me me that it was the weightvthst I can do. Sounds daft but it ended up helping me. I know how u feel about the comp. mines was last sat n I totally wasn’t believing in myself. Gave myself a talking to before the last two events and ending up winning. Still can’t believe it.
    That pasta alternative looks great. Might hafta check it out.
    Positive thinking and doing well in the other lifts and hopefully I’ll get there.
    Good luck !



    1. That’s brilliant news, congratulations on the win.
      It’s totally a mental thing with me and the deadlift at the moment and I’ve just got to get over it. Good idea with the weights though, I don’t know if I’d be able to not look though. I’m a bloody nightmare.
      Yes the pasta is the best ever!! That’s probably something I miss the most as well when I’m cutting weight as I love a good tuna pasta bake!
      Thanks so much for getting in touch Berta! Keep up the work and let me know how you get on in the future. X


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