It’s not my fault Ive got a big ass!

It’s not my fault Ive got a big ass!

I’m going to start this weeks blog a little off topic. Apologies in advance for my small rant but does anyone else have a problem when buying jeans? Some of you probably do, especially if you lift.

Why can’t I find any style of jean that fits other than skinny and even then I’m building up a sweat getting them on. I love the Mom style of jeans, the ones you see all the cool girls wearing with the Stan smiths and the baggy jumpers! I want to wear Mom jeans!! But I can’t because nowhere on planet earth makes Mom jeans that fit a girl with large quads and a arse to match and a small waist. So unless I want to gather the jeans around my waist and tighten with a belt so I look like I’ve got a bag of spuds in my knickers. I CANT WEAR THEM! Look at how annoying that is 😭! They fit my legs perfect then I’ve enough space to fit my dog in! There’s got to me more girls out there who feel my pain? I beg of you Topshop, ASOS, sort it out!


Now about this weeks training… deadlifts are getting me down!

A few weeks before Christmas I thought I’d give the sumo deadlift a go. I’ve never really wanted to do it as I’ve seen it as a sort of cheat, along with the arch in the bench press (🙈 don’t hate me). But hey, if you can’t beat them, join them! So I attempted it. Not going to lie it felt really good. I thought the weight was moving quicker off the ground and my lock out seemed a lot more precise. The numbers were increasing and as much as I hate deadlifts I was hitting all my targets. Sumo was my new best friend. Until I started to feel a slight niggle in my left hip as I pulled through my lift, the more weight that was added the worse the strain was. I don’t have any pain there at any other time, not when I’m squatting or when I’m doing any other exercise. So my relationship with the Sumo was short but sweet. Back to the babe that is conventional 😏. I don’t know why I called it a babe, it’s not a babe. It’s a bloody bastard. Again no videos as I’m a dick and forgot to film anything 😣.

Squats may have taken over from bench as my number one! I feel like I might have finally got the hang of this depth malarkey. Here’s 112.5kg for 2×2. My comp PB is 110kg, so I was proper chuffed with myself this Sunday.

The diet has still been good though. Might have shared some crisps with my friend at the theatre on Wednesday but honestly who can go to see a show and not have a little binge. Everyone around you is indulging so unless you’re superwoman it’s impossible! I’ve been pretty strict with my meals. Breakfast includes scrambled eggs, spinach and Heck turkey sausages (they’re life changing) or porridge. Avocado and poached egg on toast is a new favourite too. Can you tell I’ve not been too busy in work. Having the time to plan and prepare meals each day is a dream! My dad made a stew also this week so I’ve been eating way more veg than normal. Had to give up my favourite part though 😪 no dumplings for this dumpling.

Apologies for the very whiny post this week. Reading back I feel like I’ve been a right moaning myrtle!

Feel free to moan at me if you like!


9 thoughts on “It’s not my fault Ive got a big ass!

  1. Well done with the progression. Keep going.
    Just to let you know that its not just the girls that have trouble with jeans. I had to get 44inch waist jeans so I could get my legs in at a 38inch waist. I solved the problem by increasing my waist to 44 and some how managing to loose 2 inches of my thighs at the same time. Jeans are no longer a problem but I am still constantly ripping my work trousers.
    I feel your pain.


  2. Jazz you are incredibly inspiring and I wondered if you could offer me advice? I struggle massively with motivation and confidence to go to the gym and die tj a lot of stress lately, my diet is out of the window. The result – a stone gained in weight and even more stress. Any advice?


    1. Take everything a bit at a time. Don’t think you can rectify everything at once. And don’t see healthy eating as a diet but a lifestyle change. Make better choices with food (preparation usually helps with this) and once you start eating better you’ll gradually see a change. Once you’ve grasped the healthy eating start to introduce the gym or even just going for walks outside, this will also help with stress. Take time out for you. Read up healthy recipes on the internet and if you’re craving crappy foods try and make a fake away, so you’re still feeling like you’ve had a burger and chips when really you’ve substituted all the bad things for good. For example have a burger with no bun, make you’re own fries and add more salad. Also if you want a chocolate bar, have a chocolate bar. Denying yourself will only make you crave it more. Just start to have things in moderation. I’m still getting to grips with most of this myself but don’t feel bad if you have a bad day or meal just write it off and start again. We put too much pressure on ourselves sometimes!


      1. Thank you very much for replying and for your advice! If you don’t mind me asking , where do you look for better eating advice? I have read so many things which often contradict each other! I’m glad you said not to deny yourself and that you look for balance – if I say I can’t have something – I just want it more! X


      2. Exactly. So if you want something have it. Just maybe not every day haha. I don’t really look up advice, but recipes on the internet. Type in whatever it is you fancy eating and put healthy recipes after it. You’ll usually find a few different alternatives. BBC good food is good. Also I like the lean in 15 cook book but those recipes are usually for one person so I find it tricky if I’m cooking for a few. My main thing at the moment is swapping beef mince for turkey mince. Less fat and I feel like red meat sits quite heavy on me. Just have to work out what’s right for you. Start drinking green tea, eat fresh fruit in the morning. Just doing things that make you feel better about yourself. I always find I want dessert after a meal 🙈 so I’ve started having a Hartleys 10 cal jelly, it does the trick!


      3. I train a lot so I need carbs. I usually have them in the morning though. Porridge for breakfast or toast with poached eggs. I try to steer clear of them in the evenings. Swap rice for cauliflower rice or pasta for courgetti.


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