It’s 2018 👌🏼 Let the work commence.

It’s 2018 👌🏼 Let the work commence.

Sorry I’ve missed a week. I was busy having the best time on holiday. I’ve been up in Scotland travelling around in a little camper van with my faves. I know, CUTE!

Happy New Year by the way. I bet you’re already sick of people saying that, I was by January 2nd 🙈. Going back to work and everyone greeting you with happy new year even though it’s a good 10 days into January! STOP! Now back to what my blog is all about all about…

My training has taken a back seat whilst I’ve been away, I’m a firm believer that if you’re going on holiday, go on holiday (hence why I ballsed up my last competition). I chilled and drank and of course ate! Everything I could get my hands on, mainly cheese. I don’t think there’s a block of Brie or a jar of Branston left in Scotland.

Of course with over indulgence and lack of exercise comes added pounds and I’m sitting at a delightful 61.5kg 😂. But I had so much fun! I’m still fighting against the part of my brain that says ‘no Jazz, you have to make weight’ and the fact I’ve got a kilogram of pick and mix still to eat from Christmas. I’m not exaggerating either, I was bought a kilo of pick and mix 😍. Someone loves me.

All that aside I’m feeling strong. I’m in a good place mentally when usually I’m quite negative towards my lifts, thinking I can do better or I should be lifting more. So this is a bonus! The training programme I’m following now seems to be going well too, I’m not failing anything anyway. That’s a good sign, right?

Bench is still my favourite. The numbers are still increasing which makes me happy. We tried 72.5kg with the slingshot last week and it moved pretty quickly.

Saturday night was for squatting 💪🏼 But my belt is so tight at the moment I felt like I couldn’t breath when I set up with the weight. I refuse to loosen it though, it will fit soon!! 105kg for a couple of doubles felt like 105kg for a couple of doubles and the depth was only just there which is annoying as I’ve been doing so much work on that. Squats were a graft last week! I forgot to video my deadlifts too, probably because I hate the faces I pull. Powerlifting is not a pretty sport!

I’ve been eating so much better since the 3rd Jan though 👌🏼, zero chocolate and zero alcohol. I can already start to see changes, but I never know if it’s all in my head. Mental note: must take pictures of progress.

On a typical working day I always try and start with a breakfast that fills me. Porridge is usually my go to, super easy to make and definitely filling. I add a scoop of protein too. The white chocolate flavour from My Protein is my favourite, it makes it that little bit sweeter. I also add chia seeds. I’m not going to pretend I know why but those fit girls on Instagram do it so I’m going to copy them!

•30g oats

•A scoop of protein

•150ml of whole milk

Mix together and microwave for 30 seconds, stir then microwave again until it’s just right. Add your chia seeds to be fancy.

Let me know what you’re having for your breakfasts, I’d like to try some of your recipes.

Also I love hearing from you, wether it’s on here or through Instagram and Twitter. Let me know how you’re getting on with your training and if there’s anything in particular you want me talk about. I’m still very new to this so I would love to get a feel of what you guys like the most.

Love J 💌

5 thoughts on “It’s 2018 👌🏼 Let the work commence.

  1. I love your blog! Following your journey on instagram is one of my favourite things to do lately. I joined the gym October 2016 and my only goal was to lose weight, I couldn’t even lift a 3kg dumbbell above my head 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’ve lost 14kg since I started but now my attention has turned to weight lifting, it’s my favourite thing to do but I can’t seem to get heavier very fast, especially squats, I can only just do 30kg ☹️
    Deadlifts are my favourite atm, I can do 70kg so far , aiming for at least 100 by end of the year!

    Any tips on how to do better and heavier squats??


    1. Hey Alysha,
      Thanks so much!
      That’s amazing how much weight you’ve lost!! Keep up the work.
      Do you train alone? I always think getting in the gym with someone else would help increase your numbers. Having someone there to spot you, you’re less afraid of failing the lift. Get some leg sessions in. I tend to use the leg press a lot and do weighted lunges. Also lots of Glute activators, I use the resistance band around my ankles and kick my leg out behind me. If your gym doesn’t have one you can pick one up in Sports Direct or online. Try and minimise your cardio whilst your trying to increase strength. Just drop it to 10-15 mins at the end of your weights session. Stair master is good for this. Still focuses on your bottom half.
      It’s fantastic that you’ve got goals! I have no doubt you will smash them!!


  2. Ho jazz
    Quick question. Do u think the squat shoes help ? I’m currently squatting and deadlifting barefoot and thinking of purchasing. Have a belt but at the min I’m not using it. Always found it awkward. Squatting 130kg but there’s room for More I think and deadlifting 170kg (almost had the 180 at my lest test night) Well that was before I did nothing for a few weeks over cmas and new year !!
    My go to breakfast was always scrambled egg, love porridge too and have gone back to that a bit more lately. I also keep to boiled eggs and an odd turkey rasher.
    Wee meal idea for u if u havnt already tried it is egg wraps. Basically a really thin omlette then used instead of a wrap. Tried it for the first last week and loved it.
    Love reading ur blog. Keep posting and lifting !


    1. Hey Roberta
      Squat shoes definitely help me. Before I started powerlifting and was just squatting in the gym for fitness it used to hurt my lower back, not much but I could definitely feel strain the next day. They’ve totally got rid of that ache and certainly help me squat deeper.
      If you’re thinking of competing I’d definitely buy a pair but if it’s working fine for you bare foot then stick with that.
      Oooo the egg wrap sounds like a brilliant idea, I’ll definitely be trying that!
      Thanks so much for reading, glad you like it 😊


      1. Cheers Jazz
        Gonna keep with barefoot at the min but might have to invest in the shoes. Have Strongwoman comp in 3wks 🙈 so I’ll get back into proper squattin and deadlifting again after that.
        Happy lifting ! 💪🏼


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