Uglies rule.

Uglies rule.

I wanted to post every Monday at 6pm but no one is going to read a blog about the gym on Christmas Day and I’d probably forget to post it because I’ll most certainly be resembling a pig in a blanket sat in front of the telly with a gin. I CAN’T WAIT.

How have your weeks been?

I’m on my light week 💃🏼. Which is easy peasy but I’m a bit worried as I’m heading away on the 27th until the 2nd and I know I won’t be able to get any training in so when I get back I’ll have to get my head down to catch up. Plus it’s January then so the graft begins.

This weekend I’ve mainly spent it hungover and on trains. I’ve been in London for a friends 30th birthday celebrations. Mixing drinks is not big and it’s not clever. But these wonderful little mounds of chocolatey goodness helped sort me out. It’s Sunday which means Sunday squats with the team. I love training with a group, we always have a laugh and it’s great to see everyone else’s numbers going up and up and up. Everyone else hates us in the gym though, we take over all the squat racks and spend hours there.

It’s my last squat session of 2017 and I’m feeling much more confident with them than I was a few months ago. 100kg is starting to feel like 80kg. I know that’s a very brave statement to make 😬. Most of my training sessions this week have ended with a drink and today is no exception. It’s Christmas Eve and we’re heading to Fazenda for all the meat and red wine 😍. It is Christmas after all!!

So from me to you lovely people, thanks for reading and I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a mega new year!!

Love J💌

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