Seriously where has the time gone? I know Christmas is the same time every year but it feels like it’s come around so quick. Or is that just me? I’ve still got so much to do! Absolutely nothing wrapped what so ever 😫.

Also I’ve had a proper naff week. From a stone hitting my windscreen on the motorway and cracking it, to forgetting to pay my credit card bill (winning at life)! Oh and nothing says ‘shitting yourself’ more than seeing your dog run across a frozen lake! She’s good btw but I wasn’t.

Work and life have totally got in the way of my training and diet. I’ve had my works Christmas party which involved a free bar, so we all know that’s never going to end well, and I went to the Manchester Christmas markets. Of course it would be criminal to not eat a bratwurst and drink buckets of mulled wine there (also the cheesy potatoes are insane 🤤) so once again the diets slipped. Shock!

But look at how happy I am 😆!

Ive managed to get into the gym but most of my work outs have been on my own and my motivation level is always at a low when it’s just me, myself and I. I know so many people train better when they’re alone but I always need pushing to do more. I’d do easy workouts everyday if I could. I need someone to tell me I can lift it, otherwise I’ll just stand there and stare at the bar believing I can’t. There’s also the fear of failing. I don’t want to be on my own and get trapped underneath a bar. I need someone with me so we can laugh it off and go again.

Although it’s been difficult to get there, training has been relatively good this week. I started with deadlifts (my least favourite of the three lifts) and managed 110kg for a couple of triples. I remember when my one rep max was 100kg, back when you wouldn’t have caught me dead in Lycra.

Bench is my favouriteeeeeee at the moment because I’m finding it the easiest! I like things to be easy. It’s also been the slowest mover so to finally see the numbers creeping up is a real confidence boost. The video below shows 2 reps at 70kg using the Slingshot!

Six months ago I was using the slingshot to aid my 60kg bench press now i can rep 60kg ⬇️💃🏼! I love looking back at videos, it helps me see how far I’ve come.

Squatsssssss! Something I’ve had to focus a lot on lately due to me not hitting depth at my last competition. I had to endure box squats on my own this week, working more on movement rather than strength. Video below shows 70kg for 5 reps.

And on Sunday Danny had me walk out 120kg which is (fingers crossed) my aim for my last attempt at the British Championships. It felt bloody heavy 😬. Let’s see if I regret writing this!

All in all I’ve had an alright week of training, luckily it’s only the beginning of my 12 week programme! I’m totally aware that I’m fuelling my training with the wrong foods and I’m feeling sluggish because of it. Roll on an alcohol free beginning to 2018.

LoveJ 💌

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