I just can’t say no!

I just can’t say no!

I only intended to post weekly and for the blog to be about my training but sod it I’m going to write down about my current habits, fingers crossed there’s a few of you who can relate.

Hopefully it will make me feel better about the state (I’m being very dramatic here) I’ve got myself in. Weighing in at the beginning of the week (11/12/17) I’m sitting not 7kg over comp weight like I first thought but a delightful 8kg more than the pretty little 52! Wahoooooo. Oh I do like to make things hard for myself.

My days start well. Honest! I think everyone intends on starting a fresh each day. My breakfasts are usually spot on, my lunches too. And if I manage to make it to the gym in the morning then I really feel like I’ve got my shit together.

So why when it hits late afternoon do I ruin all my good intentions and eat everything in sight. And I’m not exaggerating, if there’s biscuits on set at work, I’m eating eight. If there’s chocolate in the house, there isn’t by the time I go to bed. Crisps, cake, sweets, literally anything that’s not good for me is devoured.

I go to bed feeling utterly horrendous and vow to myself that tomorrow is another new day and I’m going to be healthy. I know that I have to make weight for my next competition and I know that I have to lose it gradually, yet I still catch myself with my head in the cupboard sniffing out the last of the Quality Street. I literally have no self control.

Christmas is of course a terrible time to try and get myself together. So I’m not going to kid myself and sort my diet out now, that’s what New Years resolutions are for. But I just need to know that I’m not the only person who acts like this?!?!? Maybe I’ll take a photo of myself every week from now until February 24th. Being able to look back on my progress will definitely help with my journey.

Love J 💌

One thought on “I just can’t say no!

  1. So relatable! Everyday I will start with the best intentions, head home from work and I could literally sniff out a crumb. When I’m in the zone, I can say no to everything, it’s 100% this time of the year which is leading everyone down a dark path of chocolates and crisps.

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