The what’s & the whys.

The what’s & the whys.

I’m new to this, so please bare with.

Does everyone start their blog with an explanation of why they’ve decided to do it? Am I being really unoriginal right now? I feel like I should probably explain what I’m going to write about though, I wouldn’t want you to read about something you have zero interest in.

I’m Jazmine, I’m an actress and I’m also an aspiring powerlifter.

This blog will pretty much follow my life up until the Women’s British Powerlifting Championships at the end of February 2018. I might carry it on after that, depends on how well it’s received.

Basically I’m going to be writing a weekly diary of what I’m doing in the gym, what I’m eating outside of the gym and how I’m incorporating it all into a pretty random lifestyle.

There will be workouts and food diaries uploaded, might even throw in a few reviews on what leggings are appropriate for squatting in too. (That’s one of my most asked questions on Instagram btw). Though I’m in no way qualified to give you advice on training etc, this is literally me following a plan given to me by a professional. Ha Danny I called you a professional!

My training plan has already started but it’s safe to say my diet is dreadful at the moment, who can actually stick to any sort of normality over the festive season? I’m currently 7kg over the weight I intend on lifting at so I’m in for a shock in the new year. Roll on January 1st when I start eating more greens and less chocolate.

Hopefully you’ll keep me company on my little adventure to get fit!

Please feel free to leave comments. I’m totally cool with answering gym/food/life related questions.

Love J 💌

6 thoughts on “The what’s & the whys.

  1. Hi
    I’ve been following ur progress with the weights from the start on instagram. Great to see how ur getting on. Can’t wait to see how u get on. I also lift weights but really started getting into more heavier weights this year. Did my first Strongwoman comp in Feb I’d this year and hadnt a clue what I was in for lol but I ended up winning it. That let me see I could do it and how much I loved it. Now about to enter the same comp this year in the first sat in Feb at the novice level. like u the festive season is taking its toll on my diet !!! Keep up the blogging and posting on insta as it keeps the rest of us girls who love lifting heavy stuff going !


  2. Hi! I’ll be following your progress. I’m just getting back into lifting after 4 years off. Week as a kitten now and have been toying with lots of ideas to motivate me such as blogs and vids. So I’ll half inch your ideas.
    Keep it up.

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  3. 3 if my friends any myself took part in the Charity lift for Ali’s Fight for Fusion in July with you and many others, I was so impressed with you and how amazing you were on that day, looking forward to reading how you are progressing and any tips you provide over the next couple of months.Best of luck to you 🍀


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